Thank you for visiting WellPups. Although we had hoped to regularly provide basic preventative and wellness care services for your dog at Pups Pet Club, there has not been adequate demand to maintain the services of an on-site veterinarian at this location.

If your dog was treated at WellPups, your records have been emailed or sent to you by West Loop Veterinary Care. The outstanding doctors at West Loop Veterinary Care will be happy to provide continuing care to your dog. Please contact West Loop Veterinary Care if you have any questions, concerns, would like to make an appointment, or would like a referral to another veterinary office near your home.


815 W. Randolph St., Chicago, Illinois 60607
Phone: 312-421-2275 | Fax: 312-829-8387
About West Loop Veterinary Care
Regularly recognized as one of Chicago’s best veterinary hospitals, West Loop Veterinary Care provides exceptional veterinary care to cats and dogs and outstanding service to the people who love them. Their state-of-the-art facility combines use of the latest technology with compassionate care for pets. They provide extended exams, advanced medical care, a stress-minimizing environment, dental care, specialty care and in-home visits. Built to be an environmentally friendly facility, West Loop Veterinary Care actively works to protect the planet we all share.